Dunfermline Photographic Association
I have been an active member of the DPA for 6 or 7 years now and have taken on the role of club Treasurer. Joining a photography club is a great way of learning new skills and you get to socialise with a group of like minded people. I would highly recommend joining your own local club.

Digital Photography Review
A great source for camera news and reviews.

Aurora Borealis Forecast
Aurora Borealis prediction for the northern hemisphere. Just indicate where you are on the globe and it will give a prediction of your likelihood of seeing this wonderful phenomenon.

Bowens Litebook
An electronic magazine from the British studio lighting company. My equipment of choice, great build quality, consistent and reliable.

Where you’ll find my images

Soul City Company
Some of my images are used by the Soul City Company to promote their shows on their facebook page and they are also found here on their website.

Knaggs Guitars
Also find my images on the Knaggs Guitars website.

The Cramped Creative
Website dedicated to those people who want to be creative but just don’t seem to have the time.

Jo Walker Ceramics
Jo designs and creates quality pieces of decorative and practical pottery.

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